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Complement Therapeutics: Treating Complement-Related Diseases

Complement System:  Key Component of Complement Therapeutics Complement system was discovered in 19th century as a part of immune system responsible for tissue repair and homeostasis, thereby providing first line of defense against multiple infections. This complete process is in association with a complex and highly regulated assembly of proteins which involve several soluble and

Next Generation Therapeutics: Novel Therapies for Rare Diseases

Since the approval of Soliris® in 2007, an anti-C5 antibody, the field of complement drug discovery has gained significant attention. Currently, nine complement therapeutics are commercially available, while around 190 molecules are under development for various disease indications. Some of the complement therapeutics, namely Berinert®, Cinryze®, ORLADEYO®, Ruconest® and TAKHZYRO® were approved for the treatment