3D Bioprinting: What Lies Ahead?

The current applications of 3D bioprinted products cater to various requirements within the pharmaceutical industry for clinical testing of therapeutic drugs. The 3D Bioprinting: Technologies, Products and Key Application Areas, (2nd Edition), 2018-2035’ report provides a comprehensive study on the current market landscape of the 3D bioprinting industry, featuring an elaborate discussion on the future potential of this evolving market. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

Exemplified by a Strong IP Portfolio, the Industry has Witnessed Significant Innovation
Over 250% increase in the number of filed patents in last 10 years further validates the increasing interest from various stakeholders

Both Industry and Non-Industry Players Are Leading the Research Efforts
Currently, there are more than 70 bioprinters being developed by industry and academic players for 3D printing of biological products

North America has Emerged as A Major Hub of Product Manufacturers
Several companies are exploring the utility of 3D bioprinters across wide application areas; majority of these efforts are centered in North America

Bioprinters Vary in terms of Range of Applications and Technological Competence
In fact, to emerge as leaders in this highly lucrative domain, companies are developing multiple products for various applications

The Rising Number of Collaborations will Act as a Key Enabler
A large number of well-funded companies have recently entered into strategic collaborations to explore novel opportunities

The Approach Has Also Gained Popularity on Social Media
In addition, specific fields, such as stem cell research and tissue engineering, have continued to drive attention on social media platforms

A Steady Future Growth, Likely to Be Fueled by 3D Bioprinted Organs in the Long Term
Driven by high unmet demand for organ transplants and lack of appropriate clinical models for drug testing, we expect the future market to be worth multi-billion dollars

Overall, a Well-Distributed Opportunity Across Technologies, Applications & Geographies
A closer look at the market landscape reveals a well distributed opportunity in terms of application areas, bioprinting technologies and geographies

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