Biologics Fill / Finish Services: Current Landscape, Growth Opportunities and Future Market Outlook

According to a recent CDMO survey, about 54% respondents claimed to have collaborated with a contract service provider for clinical and commercial-scale product development projects. Specifically, fill / finish is the final step in the production process and is considered among the most crucial stages of drug product manufacturing. Biologic drug products require special procedures and equipment for fill / finish operations in order to ensure product integrity and safety. In fact, over 115 companies are actively providing fill / finish services for biologics.

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Eminent representatives from industry confirm the importance of outsourcing fill / finish operations of biologic, highlighting key prevalent and anticipated trends within this domain

Leaders from industry confirm why the future  is bright for fill finish companies despite having 115+ companies already providing services for Fill / Finish market

Over 115 companies located in various regions across the globe claim to provide contract fill / finish services for various types of biopharmaceutical drug / therapy products

24 percent is protein, 19 percent is antibodies and 15% is vaccines as major types of biologics for fill finish market as per Roots Analysis

The market landscape features a mix of both established players and new entrants; multiple biologics fill / finish service providers based in developed geographies have already adopted advanced fill / finish technologies

Vials represent the most prominent form of packaging used for biopharmaceutical interventions; with increasing demand for self-administration devices, syringes have also garnered significant attention

In fact, to acquire competencies across the value chain, stakeholders have actively invested in expanding their existing infrastructure and capabilities to cater to the evolving needs of both indigenous and international clients

Almost two thirds of the expansion in fill finish industry happened through capacity expansion and only one third was through investment in new facilities

Over the past six years, the fill / finish services domain has also witnessed significant partnership activity, with companies building strategic business relationships to consolidate their positions in the market

2017 saw highest number of partnerships and collaboration so far which are out in public domain for fill finish industry in healthcare

The outcome of consolidation is evident from our proprietary competitiveness analysis, based on several relevant parameters highlighting service and supplier strengths

Presently, the installed global contract fill / finish capacity, across various geographies, is estimated to be over 1.3 billion units (in term of packaging containers) and more than 4.5 million liters (in terms of fill volume)

The demand for contract fill / finish services for biologic is expected to increase in the coming years; it is likely that stakeholders will have to expand their respective capacities to ensure consistent supply

We expect biopharmaceutical developers to continue to outsource their fill / finish operations in the short to mid term, resulting in an annualized growth rate of more than 10%

In the long-term, the projected opportunity is anticipated to be well distributed across various types of primary packaging, biological interventions and target disease indications

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