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Bioreactor Industry: Current Scenario and Future Trends

Bioreactors and fermenters are complex systems used across numerous sectors of the industry, for the production of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, and beverages. These systems provide controlled conditions for cell growth by providing optimum nutrient supply, and oxygenation, enabling the production of biologics. Bioreactors and fermenters can range from small laboratory-scale to industrial-scale systems, and may

Transformation of Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturing Through Single Use Bioreactors

Recently, in the biopharmaceutical industry an increasing demand for quality biologics has been observed, where single use bioreactors have emerged as one of the most prominent and reliable solution for biomanufacturing. Disposable bioreactors have transformed the process of conventional biomanufacturing, and their adoption is increasing rapidly for production of various biologics, such as antibody, recombinant proteins,