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Liposome: A Novel Drug Delivery System

Introduction to Liposome Liposome was initially identified and described as swollen phospholipid systems, called Banghasomes, by British hematologist Alec D. Bangham, in 1961 at the Babraham Institute, University of Cambridge. Later, the structural description of liposomes was revealed as small systems constituting one or more closed phospholipid bilayers. The liposomal vesicles are considered as either

Liposomes Development: Service Providers Landscape

In recent years, liposomes have garnered significant interest of researchers, as well as industry players, owing to their potential in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, with a focus on delivering drugs and genetic material. Liposomes are small, artificial and lipid-based bilayered spherical vesicles, which are created spontaneously by hydrated phospholipids. Owing to their ability