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GalNAc Conjugates – Spearheading the Innovation for Conjugated Drugs

The next generation drug conjugate is relatively a new concept. This novel modality emerged when pharmaceutical developers used non-antibody-based entities as targeting ligand to develop targeted therapeutics. Similar to the structure of the antibody drug conjugates, these next generation drug conjugates use a non-antibody-based targeting ligand, a cytotoxic payload and a linker. However, the key

Merck Enters into a Development Agreement with Daiichi for Antibody Drug Conjugates

On 23 October 2023, Merck announced a development agreement for Daiichi Sankyo’s clinical-phase antibody-drug conjugate, namely patritumab deruxtecan (HER3-DXd), ifinatamab deruxtecan (I-DXd), and raludotatug deruxtecan (R-DXd), targeting cancer. Merck has invested $5.5 billion to jointly develop three of its candidate cancer drugs and is likely to invest up to $22 billion in addition depending on

Can The Next Generation Drug Conjugates Revolutionize The Rare Disorder Domain?

Over the last two decades the pharmaceutical industry has observed a paradigm shift from conventional drug delivery strategies to more enhanced, potent, and targeted therapeutics. This led the researchers to find alternative pathways and drug delivery strategies to enhance the potent delivery of the drug to the site of action. As a result, in late