Display Library Technologies: Where do we stand?

Over time, a variety of methods / approaches have been developed for the generation of viable therapeutic leads. These include the hybridoma technology, B-cell cloning, transgenic animal-based techniques, in vitro display methods (using phages, ribosomes, mRNA, and cDNA) and cell surface display methods (involving mammalian, yeast, and bacterial cells). Despite being responsible for the development of several successful therapies, the hybridoma and B-cell based hit generation techniques, are limited in several aspects; for instance, drugs / drug candidates developed using the aforementioned technologies are often highly immunogenic, and developers also find it difficult to develop and produce stable molecules with noteworthy affinities, for their respective targets. As a result, innovator companies have demonstrated a preference for some of the relatively newer hit generation methods, which involve the use of a display library.

Players Engaged in Offering Display Library Technologies

Presently, around 90 companies are involved in the display library technologies and affiliated services domain.

Display Library Technologies: Where do we stand?

Advantages of Display Library Technologies

In modern medical research, display libraries have been successfully employed for the generation of various novel therapeutics and offer certain advantages over conventional drug screening methods, including (but not limited to) the ability to facilitate large-scale, high throughput screening, incorporation of greater diversity in viable lead identification, and

eliminating the threat of possible immune response to pharmacological candidates identified through this approach.

Display Library Technologies

Growing Partnership Activity in the Domain

The growing interest in using display libraries is reflected in the recent increase in partnership activity, especially between companies that offer this technology / related services and drug developers.

Display Library Technologies: Where do we stand - Roots Analysis

In summary, display technologies have enabled notable evolutionary changes in the drug discovery paradigm; we are led to believe that the display library technologies market is likely to witness healthy growth in the coming years.

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Display Library Technologies and Affiliated Services Market

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