Earlier, approaches used for blood collection were invasive, time consuming and needed a healthcare expert. However, in recent years, the methods for blood collection at home are evolving at a rapid pace. According to research study, 69% of participant were found to take part more likely in clinical trials, if they are able to provide self-collected sample (self blood collection). Follwing this the number of at home testing kits has also gone up over the last few years.

Recent Expansions: Self Blood Collection and Micro Sampling Devices

During our research we have observed that Everlywell is the most prominent player in the at home blood collection market. In 2021, the company has made few acquisitions and also signed a distribution agreement. The company has also raised maximum amount of funds during period of time between 2013-2021.

Various stakeholders are continuously investing in this domain. It is worth mentioning that close to 80% of the funding were raised in North America

Financial Expectations: Self Blood Collection and Micro Sampling Devices

The growing popularity of this domain has attracted several private / public investors for putting in funds for advancement of at-home blood collection and micro sampling. The total amount invested in this domain in the given time period between 2013 and 2021 was more than USD 600 million. The overall trend of investment in this domain has been very promising. It is worth highlighting that more than 60% of the total investment was raised by venture capital fundings.

Cost Saving Potential of Self Blood Collection and Micro Sampling Devices

The at home blood collection devices market offers a cost-efficient way of sampling for patient and healthcare as well. It reduces cost of phlebotomist as the patient itself would draw blood and sent it to lab. Patients who needs a regular blood monitoring can save cost, by saving time required for sampling, patient can also save expense such as, travelling to lab, parking and other expenses.

For more details, you can also download the SAMPLE REPORT on blood collection at home by Roots Analysis.

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