Manufacturing Execution System: A Necessity in Healthcare Market

Like any other industry, the healthcare industry is drastically growing in its way. Thus, manufacturers need to update themselves with the new technologies and tools to stay relevant and competitive with the current market trends. Manufacturing execution system plays a crucial role in achieving long term competitive advantages in the healthcare industry. Manufacturing execution system is a dynamic information system that connects, monitors, and synchronize various processes of complex manufacturing process. MES system enables enhanced plant productivity and efficiency along with increased flexibility and agility across the manufacturing processes. It also simplifies the process to comply with regulatory guidelines and facilitates healthcare companies to maintain high quality standards during the production process.

In recent years, several healthcare stakeholders have actively undertaken initiatives to incorporate manufacturing execution system into their production lines. In addition, players engaged in this domain are integrating advanced technologies, including internet of thing (IOT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to collect and analyze large volume of data from various sources and to produce value in the form of insights, predictions, and actions. With healthcare industry turning towards manufacturing excution system to make data-driven decisions about their production lines, the future of industrial processes promises greater efficiency and better opportunity for growth.

Stakeholders are shifting towards manufacturing execution system in order to control, track and optimize the manufacturing process.

Core functions of Manufacturing Execution Systems - Roots Analysis

More than 70 players claim to offer manufacturing execution system for healthcare sector across the globe

Even though manufacturing execution system is being offered by players based all across the globe, most of the providers engaged in this domain (45%) are headquartered in Europe, followed by North America and Asia. Pasted below is a donut chart, showing the regional distribution of companies offering eco-friendly pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions for biopharmaceutical industry.

Market Fragmentation - Roots Analysis

High Number of collaborations have been inked in this domain between 2018 and 2022

Over the years, players offering manufacturing execution systems have actively collaborated with several healthcare companies across the globe. Among these agreements, technology integration agreement has emerged as the most popular (~25%) type of partnership. This trend reflects the fact that companies are continuously striving to integrate MES into their production lines. Below, I have pasted figure that depicts key partnership trends along with some recent examples of agreements in this domain.

Manufacturing Execution Systems: Key Partnership Trends - Roots Analysis

Given the fact that several players have entered the domain in the last decade, who are actively collaborating with other industry players to expand the global reach of their proprietary MES solutions, the manufacturing execution system market is expected to increase at a high CAGR.

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