New Frontiers in Cancer Therapies: Focus on Transcription Factors, GTPases, Phosphatases and GPCRs, 2018-2030

Cancer Therapies continues to be one of the most active segments within the pharmaceutical industry. However, certain biological targets have long eluded drug development efforts. One such target is Ras family, which has been identified to play a critical role in oncogenesis. Scientific literature suggests that the RAS gene is mutated across about 30% of cancer types. Likewise, there are several other targets that have not yet been successfully drugged and researchers are making significant efforts to identify novel approaches to target them. Advances in drug discovery and development technologies / platforms have increased the likelihood of targeting a number of the aforementioned types of biological targets. As a result, novel product development opportunities have emerged and are likely to benefit both drug developers and investors alike.

Several Drugs are Under Development Against a Variety of Undruggable Targets

Recent advances have enabled researchers to design drugs against various undruggable targets; over 100 such molecules are presently under development

Exhaustive analysis of drugs under development in cancer therapies showing phases, target clusters

The Relative Popularity of These Targets, Evidenced by Industry / Academic Interest, Vary

Specific targets have emerged as more prominent based on the overall score evaluated on both industry and academic involvement

Some of the cancer targets are more popular as shown in bubble analysis and spider web analysis

Published Literature Validates the Growing Interest in this Field

An analysis of published literature and grants awarded by government bodies reveals that the primary focus is currently on the Ras family of GTPases

North America and Europe are the Key Innovation Hubs

Over 80% of drug developers engaged in this field are located in North America and Europe; South East Asia is also emerging as a popular hub

Regional players are very active globally in development of cancer new frontiers

Novel Technology Platforms are Amongst the Vital Enablers

Several players across the globe have developed novel technology platforms to support initiatives related to drugs against difficult-to-modulate targets

Novel technology platforms in cancer new frontiers are driving the growth of market opportunity

We Expect the Market to Grow at an Accelerated Pace in the Long Term

Prevalent trends indicate that the market is poised to grow significantly as late stage molecules are likely to get approved for different indications

Cancer Therapy Development presents huge upside in next decade

The Opportunity is Likely to be Well Distributed Across Different Targets, …

Advancements in the field will present opportunities across various target families as well as drugs designed to be administered via different routes.

… Types of Molecules and Regions Worldwide

Overall, the growth is anticipated to be spread across multiple type of molecules and different geographical regions.

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