Next Generation Batteries: Mapping the Future Potential

In contrast to the conventional Li-ion batteries, next generation batteries, which include lithium polymer, solid-state, thin film and printed batteries, have been proven to be safe under abusive conditions, demonstrated significant improvements in terms of overall performance, and are environmental-friendly. Moreover, owing to their flexible form factor, it is believed that these batteries can offer virtually limitless flexibility in term of design, materials and construction. At about 1/10th of the thickness of the thinnest prismatic liquid Li-ion cells, next-generation batteries have demonstrated significant potential to serve various upcoming markets.

Opinions Solicited from Various Stakeholders are Indicative of the Future Potential

Rising optimism amongst the stakeholders has provided the necessary impetus for substantial research in the next-generation batteries domain.

The Strengthening IP Portfolio will Drive Significant Benefits in the Long-Term

Over the years, more than 7,000 patents related to next generation batteries have been granted / filed, demonstrating the heightened pace of research in this domain

Various industry and non-industry players have filed patents focusing on next-generation batteries. Additionally, US has emerged as the prominent region where majority of patents were filed / granted.

Intense Investigation, by Both Scientists and Engineers, has been the Key Enabler

More than 100 industry players are currently developing / have developed a variety of innovative batteries that are designed to be deployed across different application areas.

The Market Landscape is Currently a Mix of Both Small and Mid-Sized Players

Owing to the increasing demand for novel batteries, several small- to mid-sized battery developers are steadily developing large-scale capabilities across the globe.

As Novel Applications Emerge, Players are Looking to Consolidate their Position Further

Extensive R&D activities are setting benchmarks that are likely to drive future efforts; in North America, solid-state / thin film batteries is presently the key focus area.

Venture Capitalists are Actively Supporting New Initiatives

Having realized the opportunity in this emerging domain, both private and public investors have invested close to USD 2.0 billion

Stakeholders are continuously investing in next-generation batteries in order to meet the rising needs. Additionally, over 60% of the funding were raised in seed funding round

The Overall Market is Poised to Witness a Double Digit Annual Growth …

The overall opportunity within the next-generation batteries market is likely to be distributed across different battery types, with rechargeable batteries expected to hold a dominant share in the foreseen future.

… as Applications Demanding Novel Batteries Gain Popularity in the Long Term

Amongst various applications, consumer electronics is anticipated to lead the pack in the mid-long term, especially within the emerging economies of the Asia-Pacific

The Next-Generation Batteries Market is  fragmented across various segmentations including battery type, chargeability, application type and geography. By 2030, North America is expected to capture the highest share.

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