Next Generation Contact Lenses and Visual Prosthesis: Rising Popularity to Drive a Multibillion Dollar Market

For more than five decades, contact lenses have primarily been used to correct vision-related disorders. The existence of several unmet needs in the field of ophthalmology, recent technological advances and the availability of new biomaterials, have substantially expanded the range of potential application areas for contact lenses. It is also worth highlighting that Visual Prosthetics, such as bionic eyes, represent the next generation of solutions for vision restoration.

I have highlighted below some of the most interesting insights from our study. You can also access additional details Next Generation Contact Lenses Visual Prostheses Market.

The recent technological advances and rising economic burden due to blindness have widened the opportunity for companies developing next generation contact lenses and visual prostheses.

Over 55 novel ophthalmic products are currently available / being developed for various therapeutic, diagnostic & monitoring and drug delivery applications; their growing popularity is evident across social media as well

Over 40 next generation contact lens and visual prostheses are currently available in market. Majority, of the developers are headquartered in North America.

The current market landscape features both industry and non-industry players across the world, having proprietary products in different stages of development

Close to 20 next generation contact lenses are manufactured by industry players. Further, the number of manufacturers headquatered in Asia-Pacific is likely to increase in the coming years

The introduction of bionic eyes has revolutionized the treatment landscape; with three products already in the market, several players are engaged in the development of such solutions.

Case Study: In order to increase the adoption of marketed products, companies have developed and implemented a diverse range of promotional strategies.

Partnership activity across the globe is indicative of the increasing interest of stakeholders in developing novel products for use in treating ophthalmic disorders.

In fact, close to 7,500 patents covering innovative contact lens technologies have been granted / filed in the given time period, significantly strengthening the intellectual capital in this domain.

The numbers of patents is continuously increasing from past few years reflecting the rising interest of industry and non-industry players in this domain.

A number of prominent scientists from renowned universities, owing to their involvement in clinical development efforts, have emerged as key opinion leaders.

The market is poised to grow at a steady pace as stakeholders tap the multi-billion potential in the coming decade; the opportunity is likely to be well distributed across various products, target indications and regions

The overall market for next generation contact lenses and visual prostheses is fragmented across various regions where visual prostheses is likely to have the largest share.

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