Parkinson’s Disease Market: Pipeline Review, Developer Landscape and Competitive Insights

Parkinson’s disease is known to affect 1-2 per 1,000 individuals and has been shown to impact approximately 1% of the population aged above 60 years. The disease has been estimated to incur combined direct and indirect costs of close to USD 25 billion in the US annually. Despite the availability of several types of dopamine agonists, there still are a myriad of motor and non-motor symptoms that currently available therapies are unable to treat. Several stakeholders are engaged in efforts to advance the development of various types of disease modifying pharmacological interventions, therapies to offer symptomatic relief and drugs to try to cure the disease as well. In fact, there are multiple initiatives established by start-ups that are being backed by venture capital funding to expedite the development of potential therapeutic options for better disease management.

Several Platforms Emphasize the Unmet Need for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Scientific articles and social media chatter, expressing the opinions of industry experts and patients, highlight a significant unmet need related to treating Parkinson’s disease

Historically, the Focus has been Towards Better Management of the Disease

For better management of the disease, stakeholders are focused on addressing issues related to early diagnosis, disease modifying treatments and deteriorating quality of life

However, Several Therapies Currently Under Development Aim to Treat the Disorder

In fact, close to 200 candidates are available / being evaluated across different phases of development, featuring multiple product types with diverse mechanisms of action

Developments are Also Concentrated on Identifying Alternate Drug Delivery Routes

Although most of the marketed products, primarily designed for symptomatic relief, are taken orally, several clinical molecules are being evaluated for other effective delivery routes

The Market Landscape is a Mix of both Big and Small Pharma

The market landscape is characterized by presence of both small and large sized companies; these firms have taken significant strides to build up sizeable product portfolios

KOLs are Actively Contributing towards the R&D in this Space

In addition to industry players, several prominent scientists, acting as key opinion leaders, have made significant contributions to clinical development efforts

In addition, Venture Capitalists have Actively Supported the Ongoing Innovation

Several investors have grown to realize the potential of Parkinson’s disease therapeutics; an amount of USD 2.2 billion has been invested in over 180 instances in recent past

Recent Big-Ticket Acquisitions Validate the High Stakes and the Future Promise

Over seven acquisitions, valued between USD 100 million and USD 3.5 billion, are indicative of the growing interest of industry stakeholders in this domain

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