T-Cell Immunotherapies Market: KOL Interviews Highlight Key Trends

T-Cell immunotherapies have gained a lot of traction in recent years. With a plethora of clinical evidence and billions of dollars in investment, calling T-cell therapies as the next big thing might not be incorrect. As per the recent estimates, this space is likely to grow to USD 26 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of >40%.

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To get a better understanding of the market, Roots Analysis interviewed 10+ key stakeholders in their recent market research report on the T-cell immunotherapies market. The report features detailed transcripts of the interviews held with the following stakeholders:

  1. Tim Oldham (Chief Executive Officer, Cell Therapies)
  2. Troels Jordansen (Chief Executive Officer, Glycostem Therapeutics)
  3. Wei (William) Cao (Chief Executive Officer, Gracell Biotechnologies)
  4. Victor Lietao Li (Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lion TCR)
  5. Miguel Forte (Chief Operating Officer, TxCell)
  6. Adrian Bot (Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Kite Pharma)
  7. Vincent Brichard (Vice President, Immuno-Oncology, Celyad)
  8. Peter Ho (Director, Process Development, Iovance Biotherapeutics)
  9. Brian Dattilo (Manager of Business Development, Waisman Biomanufacturing)
  10. Aino Kalervo (Competitive Intelligence Manager, Strategy & Business Development, Theravectys)
  11. Xian-Bao Zhan (Professor of Medicine and Director, Department of Oncology, Changhai Hospital)
  12. Enkhtsetseg Purev (Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado)

Some of the key insights from the interviews are highlighted below:

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“The T-cell immunotherapy market depends on many factors, one of them being the target indication. For example, metastatic melanoma is not a huge indication but lung cancer on the other hand is a very large indication. Therefore, if TIL therapy is successful in lung cancer or a certain type of lung cancer the estimated market size can be pretty large.” – Director, Process development, US based TIL therapy Developer

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“Currently, there are multiple ongoing discussions regarding the different aspects of pricing. I agree that pricing is anchored on multiple elements, specifically the value that the therapy has to offer and how it compares to existing therapies. In addition, parameters such as the cost of goods and the overall cost of development of the products also need to be considered.” – Chief Executive Officer, France based T-cell therapy developer

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“One of the most promising results that we have got so far are from the CAR-T cells therapies against CD19. However, an obvious advantage of TCR-based therapies is that they can be directed against intracellular targets as well. At the moment, CAR-T cell-based projects are the farthest, in terms of time to market, compared to others.” – Competitive Intelligence Manager, France based T-cell therapy developer

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“China is leading the CAR-T cell therapy field in terms of the total number of active trials and supporting hospitals. This is primarily due to the reasons that, in China, the proportion of patients with advanced-stage cancers is much higher than in some developed countries. Secondly, clinical trials are free for patients in China and many Chinese people can avail free treatment.” – Principle Investigator, China-based academic research institute

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We still need to continue to explore novel approaches to cater to additional disease indications. A number of companies seeing the opportunity in this field are making active attempts to develop enabling technologies in order to support the growth of the market” – Chief Operating Officer, France based Regulatory T-cell therapy developer

Several other key insights were uncovered from the interviews. A number of these have been presented below:

T-Cell Market Interviews snapshot by Roots Analysis

A promising development pipeline and encouraging clinical results, has increased the confidence in the T-cell immunotherapies market. With more than USD 13 billion invested in the last two decades, this space is worth looking out for.

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