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Accelerating Oligonucleotide Demand: A Force Driving The Contract Manufacturing Market

Since the approval of the first antisense therapy in 1998, oligonucleotides have been in light for their capabilities as therapeutic agents. Oligonucleotides are short synthetic nucleotide chains with immense potential in the diagnosis and treatment of a myriad of disease indications. In addition to therapeutics, these complex molecules act as a significant resource in various

Growing Demand for Oligonucleotides Proposes Shedload of Opportunities for Contract Manufacturers

In the 20th century, major research went into discovery of a therapeutic class with the primary purpose of interfering with the RNA expression linked to disease causing proteins, nowadays classified as oligonucleotides. These short, single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules have various applications in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries including, genetic testing, basic research, forensic analysis and