Viral Clearance Testing and Viral Testing Services

Considering the rising demand for biologics, innovators in the biopharmaceutical industry are constantly exploring avenues that would enable them to overcome the existing technical and operational challenges related to viral clearance testing for timely approval of biologics. Outsourcing the viral clearance testing studies has emerged as a promising alternative for most of the manufacturers.

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance and Testing Service Providers

Despite being one of the crucial step amongst all the steps involved in the production of biologics , this service is heavily outsourced in the biopharmaceutical industry. Currently, it is estimated that more than 70% of the these services are employed by the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Large Viral Clearance and Testing Service Providers

Majority of the clearance testing service providers across the globe are large companies. Of these, close to 80% of the companies provide services for both, viral clearance and viral testing of different type of biologics

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Europe-based viral clearance and testing service providers

It is worth highlighting that a substantial number of the companies have established their facilities in Europe. Within this region, UK has the maximum number of viral clearance testing facilities (over 21%), followed by Germany (more than 15%) and France (close to 10%)

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Patents filed or Granted

Multiple patents related to the viral clearance market have been filed / granted over last few years. Of these, over 40% patents are granted by organizations headquartered in the US whereas close to 25% patent applications are filed by organizations headquartered in China

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Share of viral removal

As projected by Roots Analysis, more than 55% of the share is captured by viral removal, in the this market

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Market Share of North America

According to Roots Analysis, 40% of the share is captured by North America, in this viral clearance market

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Market share of scale of operations

Driven by the rising interest in research and development activities and the demand for these clearance and testing services, the future opportunities and growth associated with this market are anticipated to witness a note worthy growth in the foreseen future. Specifically, in terms of end-users, the market is anticipated to be driven by biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Roots Analysis Viral Clearance Regional Distribution of Facilities

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