Cybersecurity in Healthcare: A Must Have in Today’s Digital World

The healthcare industry has been amongst the prime targets for hackers over the last several years. In 2017, the healthcare industry had been compromised a number of times, representing 25% of the total number of breaches worldwide. Across these instances, around 31 million records were compromised, stolen or lost. In order to overcome these challenges, various cybersecurity solution providers have started to specifically focus on healthcare. Along with the presence of big companies, the entry of several start-ups is driving the innovation in this domain.

Stakeholders are Optimistic About the Growth Prospects in this Industry

Owing to limited awareness and low budget allocation, the healthcare industry has become a popular target for cyber criminals.

Cybersecurity Companies are Specifically Targeting Healthcare Amongst Key Focus Areas

As a result, close to 400 companies providing cybersecurity solutions / services to healthcare organizations have surfaced with innovative approaches

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Industry Players

The Landscape is a Mix of Several Small Start-ups, SMEs and Large Enterprises

Well established companies in this domain have widened the scope of their services and products, and are setting benchmarks for emerging players.

Venture Capitalists have Steadily Increased Stakes in this Domain

Given the opportunities in this domain, venture capitalists are strongly backing the innovation and have invested close to USD 2.5 billion in the last six years

Cybersecurity in healthcare: Venture Capitalists

In fact, Many Start-Ups have now Reached >USD 100 Million Estimated Valuation

Owing to the lucrative financial support and innovative product / solution portfolio, some recently established companies are already approaching unicorn status.

Overall, The Opportunity is Likely to Widen Significantly in the Coming Years …

Driven by the evolving threat types, increasing number of data breaches and high value of healthcare records, we expect the healthcare cybersecurity market  expected to grow at a CAGR of ~ 14% during the forecast period.

The leading companies operating in the healthcare cybersecurity industry are Attivo Networks, CensorNet, Exabeam, iCyber-Security, Threat Stack, TraceSecurity, Zenedge, Anomali, Centripetal Networks, Flashpoint, ProtectWise, Sqrrl, Shape Security, Vectra Networks, Agio, CyberSurance, Delta Risk, ITEGRITI, Security Risk Advisors, Sera-Brynn and VigiTrust.

Across Multiple Threat Types and Different Regions Worldwide

Although the opportunity is currently localized primarily in the US, it is expected to spread across other regions; cloud security will gain more importance

Cybersecurity in Healthcare market by Distribution

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