Cell Therapy Manufacturing Update: United Therapeutics Receives Permit

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As per recent news coverage, United Therapeutics has received a permit for $9.5 million build-out of its cell therapy facility on the second floor of Mayo Clinic’s Discovery and Innovation Building.

What is the area of the facility: 

The facility will have a total of 21,843-square-foot space.

What are the capabilities at the facility: 

The facility will house an automated stem cell manufacturing site, which is one of the first of its kind in the country.

Who will be undertaking the construction work:

The facility construction contract is with the Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.

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How is the overall stem cell manufacturing landscape evolving: Stem cell therapy market has attracted a number of players in recent years.

Infographic: Stem Cell CMO Market

This has led to an increased demand for companies that can facilitate the manufacturing of these therapies.

Infographic: Need for Outsourcing

In fact, we have witnessed the rise of several contract manufacturers that claim to offer GMP grade manufacturing facilities for stem cell therapies.

Infographic: Stem Cell Contract Manufacturers

To get detailed insights about the stem cell manufacturing market, check out the report United Therapeutics here.