Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Market: Pipeline Review, Developer Landscape and Competitive Insights

It is worth highlighting that over 90% of the patients suffering from reduced kidney function are unaware of their medical condition. In the US, 15% of adults are reported to be suffering from mild or severe forms of Chronic Kidney Disease. In fact, the mean global prevalence of CKD, across all five stages of the disease, is estimated to be 13.4%. It is also worth noting that developed nations spend over 2-3% of their annual healthcare budget on the treatment of end-stage renal disease (ESRD); however, the economic burden associated with milder forms of CKD is almost double the total costs incurred in the treatment of ESRD. Further, in the US, the disease has been estimated to incur combined direct and indirect costs ranging between USD 1,183 – USD 35,292 per patient, per month.

Opinions of industry experts and patients expressed through scientific articles and social media highlight significant unmet needs related to chronic kidney disease

Social media trend analysis shows 180+ publications and 3000+ tweets for Chronic Kidney Diseases

Stakeholders are more focused on addressing issues related to early diagnosis, disease modifying treatments and deteriorating quality of life for better management of the disease

With multiple approved drugs and 140 clinical / preclinical candidates, the market for chronic kidney disease management solutions is growing at a commendable pace

The pipeline features many early stage product candidates, majority of which are disease modifying agents that are designed for oral administration

Currently most of the commercialized candidates are designed for daily intake; we expect drugs in early stages to be formulated for administration at relatively low dosing frequency

There are 47 drug candidates in Phase II trial plus 33 in pre-registration and phase III trials for Chronic Kidney Disease domain as per Roots Analysis

In lieu of the growing product landscape, drug developers are putting in significant efforts to ensure that their candidates are clinically and commercially competent

In addition to industry players, several prominent scientists, acting as key opinion leaders, have made significant contributions to clinical development efforts

The report by Roots Analysis on Chronic Kidney Disease has an insightful section on Key Opinion Leaders in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

Interest of stakeholders in this domain is evident from the increasing number of partnerships; most of these have been inked between companies that are based in different continents

USD 4.1 billion raised across more than 115 instances in recent years is indicative of the fact that several investors have grown to realize the potential of treatments for CKD

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