Rare Kidney Disease: Future Miracle Drugs

Kidney disorders are one of the most common causes of mortality, accounting for 850 million deaths, per year, across the globe. Over 300 congenital, inherited and acquired disorders fall under the umbrella of rare kidney disease. It is worth mentioning that these set of disorders are known to have a serious effect on the general kidney functioning, often lowering its ability to filter out waste and fluids from the blood. In recent years, several drugs targeting rare kidney disorders have received the FDA approval; therapies in the current pipeline are being developed to target ~15 disease indications.

Roots Analysis Rare Kidney Disease Miracle Drugs Why Demand Is Rising

Rare Kidney Disease Drugs: Current Market Landscape

The pipeline features more than 125 drugs indicated for rare kidney disease that are either approved / are currently being evaluated across different phases of development or are in late stages of development. The below figure presents the distribution of drugs indicated for rare kidney disease, based on their phase of development. As can be observed in the figure, most of the rare kidney disease drug candidates are in phase II of clinical development, followed by those approved. It is worth mentioning that, till date, multiple rare kidney disorder drug candidates have received special drug designations from regulatory authorities of different regions. It is worth highlighting that several other drugs are currently being evaluated in phase III and phase II/III studies for the treatment of rare kidney disease indications. Therefore, we believe that the market for rare kidney disorders is likely to grow in the foreseen future.

Roots Analysis Rare Kidney Disease Miracle Drugs Current Market Landscape

The Increasing Interest in this Field is also Reflected in Recent Partnership Activity

Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the partnership activity within this domain, during the period 2017-2021. It is worth mentioning that the maximum number of partnerships (10) were inked in 2018 and 2019 each. Example of partnership inked since 2021, includes that signed between Advicenne Pharma and FrostPharma (Jan 2022).

Roots Analysis Rare Kidney Disease Miracle Drugs Recent Partnership Activity

Concluding Remarks

It is worth highlighting that there is a significant rise in the interest of stakeholders in rare kidney disorders domain; this can be validated by the increase in partnership and funding activity within this segment. Further, the growing demand for increased efficacy and safety of drugs has compelled the players engaged in this domain to expand their platforms / technologies in order to accommodate the future needs of their clients. Owing to the numerous drugs being approved for various disorders, we believe that the rare kidney diseases market will experience significant growth in the near future.

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