Prefilled Syringe: Impact on COVID 19 and Vaccines

Coronavirus(COVID 19) is spreading around the world, with 2.6 million global active cases. Till date, there are no approved treatments for COVID-19. However, multiple pharmaceutical companies are doing research at breakneck speed to develop therapeutics and coronavirus preventive vaccines against this novel virus. The pharma industry is hoping to compress the development timelines to get a vaccine to the market within the next year. As of 8th April 2020, 115 potential vaccines are under development against COVID-19. As per the interviews conducted with industry stakeholders, the rise in the demand for vaccines is likely to surge the demand for prefilled syringe. Some industry trends, such as initiatives of Walker Digital to develop single-dose prefilled syringe from medical polymers to help fight against the surge in demand for these devices, also align with the predictions of industry experts.

Companies Involved in the Manufacturing of Prefilled Syringe

More than 30 companies across the globe are presently engaged in the manufacturing of prefilled syringe. Majority (47%) of the manufacturers are based in Asia-Pacific region followed by Europe (33%).

Prefilled Syringe

To know about the companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of prefilled syringe, check out our report here.

Companies Offering Fill / Finish Service for Prefilled Syringe

Presently, over 105 companies across the globe claim to offer fill / finish services for prefilled syringes. Majority (61) of these service providers are capable of handling both small molecules and biologics. Further 19 service providers have the capability to handle only biologics.

Fill / Finish Facilities for Prefilled Syringes

Where are the Fill / Finish Facilities for Prefilled Syringes Located?

Majority (38%) of the players engaged in the prefilled syringe fill finish manufacturing market have their facilities based in Europe followed by North America (32%) and Asia-Pacific regions (30%). Within Asia-pacific region, majority of the service providers have facilities located in India (18).

Over 35% of the players based in North America claim to have fill / finish facilities- Roots Analysis

Do We Have Enough Fill / Finish Capacity?

If the vaccines are approved in combination of prefilled syringes, do we have enough capacity to deal with this rapid surge in the demand expected for the fill / finish services for prefilled syringes?

The demand is likely to increase in the coming years therefore stakeholders are putting there continuous effort to expand there facilities with an aim to meet the demand- Roots Analysis

Roots Analysis, in its recent report, has analyzed the global demand and supply scenario for prefilled syringes. To know further about the insights of this analysis, you can also download the SAMPLE REPORT on prefilled syringe fill finish manufacturing by Roots Analysis..

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