Deep Learning: Opportunities in Drug Discovery and Diagnostics

Deep learning is a novel machine learning technique that can be used to generate relevant insights from large volumes of data. The applications of the technology are being explored across a variety of areas. The Deep Learning: Drug Discovery and Diagnostics Market, 2017-2035′ report examines the current landscape and future outlook of the growing market of deep learning solutions within the healthcare domain. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Concept Expected to Revolutionize Various Industries
With fast growing interest around artificial intelligence techniques, deep learning models have gained significant popularity across specific sectors, including healthcare.

Drug Discovery and Diagnostics: The Key AI Application Areas in Healthcare

Several companies have begun to explore deep learning applications in drug discovery and diagnostics

As per Roots Analysis there are various players offering drug discovery and diagnostics solutions majorly focusing on various application area including drug adherence, biomarker analysis and patient recruitment.

Market Landscape: A Mix of Industry and Academic Players

With close to 100 deep learning service providers, these segments have garnered significant interest from industry as well as academic players

Currently, around 90% of the service providers offering services for deep learning are industry players and have specialization in drug discovery followed by diagnostics

Start-Ups: The Primary Source of Breakthrough Innovation

Although deep learning in drug discovery and diagnostics market is still naïve, the market has witnessed the rise of many startups indicating a high growth potential

Various established players are already focusing on the services for deep  learning. Now, various start ups also have initiated providing services indicating the rising interest of the players

Venture Capital Funding: Amongst the Key Enablers …

It is worth highlighting that venture capitalists have strongly backed the companies in this space; over USD 1.5 billion has been invested in these firms post 2013.

… Driving Sustained Value Creation in the Future

The rising interest is likely to result in multiple acquisitions in the future; using our proprietary approach, we evaluated the relative valuation of these companies.

Monetary Opportunity: Multi-Billion Dollar Savings in Drug Discovery …

Deep learning in drug discovery appears to be highly promising in the long term (> USD 100 billion); we adopted a scenario based approach to estimate this promise.

… and Diagnostics, Waiting to be Realized

In the near-term, diagnostics represents a credible opportunity; this is likely to be tapped by several players with advanced solutions

With the use of more AI tools across healthcare industry the market is expected to grow in the coming time

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