Intranasal Drugs: A Deeper Look into Service Providers Landscape

The techniques used for the drug delivery are found to be have an enormous impact on the efficacy of the treatment. In fact, the slow progression of the efficacy, has suggested the need of different approaches for the effective delivery of drug (such as intranasal drugs) to the target area, along with the optimal bioavailability. Over the years, several drug delivery systems have been introduced to the market. However, the innovators present in the pharmaceutical domain have been continuously investing in the new advancements to minimize the unwanted toxicities and to improve the efficacy of the treatment. Amongst these, one such non-invasive approach for the drug delivery is the inhaled and intranasal drugs administration route.

Intranasal drugs have always been an area of interest for the investors present in this domain. It offers the absorption of drugs through lungs, which are used for the local deposition or for systemic delivery. This is only possible because of the large surface area offered by lungs for the absorption of drugs and the ability to overcome the first-pass metabolism. In addition, it has been reported that, several local respiratory and systemic diseases can be treated well with the help of intranasal drugs. Example of such diseases include, asthma, local infectious diseases, pulmonary hypertension, diabetes, depression and migraine. Further, there are many biotherapeutics as well which are currently injected intravenously and can be effectively delivered by the pulmonary route. These include, growth hormones, glucagon and insulin.

Companies Offering Inhaled and Intranasal Drugs Product and Drug Delivery System  Related Services

Owing to the increasing pipeline of these intranasal drugs and the associated manufacturing complexities, the developer companies are relying on the contract service providers, available in this domain. These service providers tend to have enough capabilities and experience, to offer the services related to drug product and drug delivery systems.

Inhaled and Intranasal Drug Delivery Market - sample service providers and offerings by Roots Analysis

During our research, we came across more than 110 players, which claim to offer services related to inhaled and intranasal drugs product. As per our analysis, majority of these players have their inhaled and intranasal related manufacturing facilities located in Europe, followed by North America.

Further, we also came across around 20 additional players, which claim to offer services related to inhaled and intranasal drugs delivery systems. As per our analysis, majority of the companies have the capability to offer services related powder and aerosol-based intranasal drugs. Of these, most of the service providers offered development services for the respective drug delivery systems.

Inhaled and Intranasal Drug Delivery market has numerous players with high value proposition providing various formulations - Roots Analysis

Which Type of Deals are being Inked in this Domain?

In the last five years, several players have collaborated to enhance their inhaled / intranasal drug and drug delivery system portfolio. In fact, the maximum number of collaborations (20%) were inked in 2017 and 2016; of these, 33% were development and manufacturing agreements. Further, in 2020 (till June), 16% collaborations were inked between different stakeholders. Of the total, close to 22% collaborations inked during this period were related to development agreements, followed by acquisitions (19%) and manufacturing agreements (17%).

Numerous partnerships in the Inhaled and Intranasal Drug Delivery market suggest growing interest. Licensing agreements done for Vectura, Aerami, PCI details available with Roots Analysis

What is the Current Demand for Inhaled / Intranasal Drugs Delivery Systems (in terms of number of units)?

Over the past decade, the number of inhaled and intranasal drugs delivery systems available in the market have increased significantly. In fact, the increase in demand for these drug delivery systems, is reported to be driven by the prevalence of asthma and COPD. In order to address this increasing demand for inhaled and intranasal drug delivery systems, developer companies are continuously working towards the development of more sophisticated and easier to use drug delivery systems.

Europe is emerging as a key consumer marker for the exploding demand for Inhaled and Intranasal Drug Delivery products and services as per Roots Analysis

Likely Growth of the Inhaled / Intranasal Drug Product and Drug Delivery System Contract Service Providers Market

During our research, we estimated the market under conservative, base and optimistic scenarios. As per the base case forecast scenario, the intranasal and inhaled drug development market is estimated to be worth over USD 20 billion by 2030, growing at an annualized rate of over 7% in the given time period.

To get a detailed information on the key players, partnership activity, current and future demand in this domain and the likely market evolution, you can also download the SAMPLE REPORT on intranasal drugs by Roots Analysis.

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