Intranasal Drugs: An Alternate Route of Administration

The intranasal drugs delivery is widely accepted as effective and non-invasive option for the local and systemic delivery of several types of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Majority of such formulations are designed to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (COPD), asthma and other respiratory diseases. Interestingly, over the past few years, drug developers focused on non-respiratory diseases have also shifted their attention towards intranasal drug formulations. This can be attributed to ease of delivery, drug bioavailability enhancement and by-pass of first-pass metabolism offered by this Intranasal drugs delivery. Presently, intranasal drugs are being developed for a wide range of therapeutic areas, including Parkinson’s disease, hypertension, migraine and major depressive disorder.

Stakeholders Involved in intranasal drugs and delivery domain

There are 47 companies that are involved in developing close to 75 intranasal drugs. Based on our research maximum number of players are located in North America (80%), followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific & RoW (5%, each). Small companies, as well as certain large pharmaceutical organizations, have demonstrated significant participation in this domain. Amongst the total intranasal therapeutics that are involved, more than 60% are in clinical stage followed by 24% in discovery / preclinical stage. Most of the drugs (55%) are small molecules.

Stakeholders Involved in intranasal therapeutics and drug delivery market - Roots Analysis
Trends by phases of development, type of molecule, therapeutic area

Millions of dollars are being invested in funding the initiatives of various players engaged in the intranasal drugs and delivery domain

Maximum number of funding (USD 2,375 million) were reported in the year 2017. This was followed by USD 1,000 million, recorded in the year 2020. It is worth highlighting that maximum number of amount invested (USD 1,116 million) were for neurological disorders. Further, most of the funding reported by intranasal drugs and delivery systems domain were secondary offerings. Given the current trend, it can be inferred that investment from secondary offerings is a key enabler for the growth in this domain.

intranasal therapeutics and drug delivery market Investments - Roots Analysis
Intranasal Therapeutics and Drug Delivery Systems – distribution by amount invested

The intranasal drugs and delivery systems market is anticipated to grow significantly, during 2022-2035

Driven by a rich development pipeline and supported by financial assistance from public funding institutes, the nasal drug delivery market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 21%, till 2035. It is worth mentioning that North America presently has the maximum share in the growth of intranasal drugs delivery systems market.

intranasal therapeutics and drug delivery systems market growth trends - Roots Analysis
Intranasal Drug Delivery Systems – distribution by Target indication, Geography

For more details, you can also download the SAMPLE REPORT on nasal drug delivery systems by Roots Analysis.

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