Non Viral Transfection Reagent: Market Landscape and Key Trends

In order to manipulate the cells, genetic material / nucleic acid is artificially introduced into the cells by using specific carriers / vectors. This process is known as transfection. It does not use viral components for transfection and are aimed at circumventing the challenges, such as inflammation, immunogenicity and non-specific transduction, associated with viral vectors. Such processes are called non viral transfection methods which incorporate the utilization of a non viral transfection reagent.

Given the limitations of viral transfection as well as the apparent immunogenicity and cytotoxicity concerns associated with the AAV vectors, demand for alternative gene drug vehicles is increasing. In fact, non viral vectors are significantly less expensive than their virus-based counterparts, implying the potential for use in the development of more affordable products in the gene therapy market.

Current Market for Non Viral Transfection Reagent and Systems Developers

Close to 65% of non viral transfection reagent and systems developers are headquartered in North America. Of these, around 60% of these players are well established players.

According to findings, majority of the potential strategic partner in this field are headquartered in North America.

Currently, highest number of patent for non-viral transfection reagents and systems is filed in North America region. And majority of these applicants are non-academic players.

More than 60 players across the globe are developing / have developed a variety of these reagents and systems. Of these, close to 22% players are well established players and around 55% are small players (with employee base of 11-50).

Over 860 patents have been filed, across the globe, since 2017. Of these, ~500 patents were filed in North America. Further, 31% of the patents were granted and remaining 69% were patent applications.

450+ publications have been published over last few years. Of these, more than 50% of the articles were research articles. It is worth highlighting that, majority of the articles were published by Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.

Non-Viral Transfection: Big Pharma Initiatives - Roots Analysis

Of these, 80% were collaborations-based initiatives. More than 50% of the collaborations were focused on research and development of novel non-viral transfection reagents.

Non-Viral Transfection: Market Share 2023 - Roots Analysis

As projected by Roots Analysis, North America will have  majority of the share in the non-viral transfection reagents market.

Growing Demand for Non Viral Transfection Reagent and Systems

Growing Demand for Non-Viral Transfection Reagents and Systems 2023 - Roots Analysis

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