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BioNtech Reports Preliminary Phase I/II Results of its CAR T Cell Therapy CarVAC and BNT211-01 (NEO-PTC-01) at European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Conference

On 24 October 2023, BioNtech announced the preliminary results of phase I/II trial evaluating BNT.221-01, a combination of Claudin 6 (CLDN6)-targeted CAR T cell therapy and the mRNA-based CAR T booster CarVac at ESMO conference in Madrid. BioNtech reported acceptable safety and tolerability data and first hints to efficacy in solid tumours. The CAR T

Cell and Gene Therapy CROs: The Next Growth Opportunity

Over the years, cell and gene therapy (CGT) and other advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) have managed to capture the interest of both drug developers and healthcare investors. Their popularity can be attributed to various factors, such as minimal side effects, clinical efficacy and their personalized nature. However, there are several complexities associated with the

Non Viral Transfection Reagent: Market Landscape and Key Trends

In order to manipulate the cells, genetic material / nucleic acid is artificially introduced into the cells by using specific carriers / vectors. This process is known as transfection. It does not use viral components for transfection and are aimed at circumventing the challenges, such as inflammation, immunogenicity and non-specific transduction, associated with viral vectors.