Liquid Biopsy: Will It Be The Future Gold Standard?

Invasive cancer diagnostic methods, such as tissue biopsies, have been the gold standard to determine the clinicopathological characteristics of cancer tissues for many years. The procedure is not only cost-intensive but is also a traumatic experience for the patients. The ‘Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics Market (2nd Edition), 2017-2030’ report provides an extensive study on liquid biopsy kits / assays that are either commercialized or are under development for diagnosis and / or monitoring of different types of cancer. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

Over 110 Non-Invasive Tests are Either Commercialized or are Under Development
The versatility of these tests detect a wide range of rare molecular signatures that cater to the needs of a large patient segment

Currently, over 40% of the liquid biopsy tests focuses in CTC marker followed by 36% on dNA and majorly used for lung cancer

The Market Landscape is a Mix of Several Small and Big Pharma Companies
The field is characterized by involvement of 60 companies including start-ups, mid-sized firms and pharma giants; these are dispersed across several geographies.

In Addition to Liquid Biopsy, Other Novel / Innovative Diagnostics are Also Emerging
In addition to liquid biopsies, other non-invasive cancer diagnostics are playing a pivotal role in disease prognosis and patient monitoring, supporting the ongoing innovation.

Social Media Analysis Confirms the Growing Importance
Increasing popularity on social media validates the growing interest in the field; the tweets in this space have recorded a CAGR of 71% from 2010-2016.

Venture Capital Funding is Amongst the Key Enablers …
Foreseeing the future potential of the liquid biopsy market, several investors have shown active participation and have pinned their hopes on this emerging field

Various stakeholders are currently investing in liquid biopsy and majority of funds were raised through debt financing funding round

… and is Driving Sustained Value Creation in the Future
The rising interest is likely to result in multiple acquisitions in the future; using our proprietary approach, we have presented relative valuation of 40 start-ups / small firms

A Rapidly Growing Market …
With increasing awareness of the benefits of liquid biopsy, these diagnostic options have demonstrated a significant promise in the cancer diagnostics market

… Offering Lucrative Opportunities Across Multiple Indications / Application Areas
In fact, with its low-cost and patient-friendly nature, liquid biopsy tests are likely to be routinely prescribed for numerous applications and indications in the immediate future

The market for liquid biopsy is likely to grow in coming years and North America is expected to capture the highest share across the globe

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