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The Non Invasive Frontier: Liquid Biopsy Companies Refining Healthcare

Cancer has high mortality rate, primarily because of the delayed detection and complexities of current diagnostic procedures. The mortality rates associated with cancer can be significantly reduced if the efforts shift towards the development of methods for early detection of cancer. Amid the increasing burden of cancer and the limitations of traditional tissue biopsies, there

Unveiling the Future of Liquid Biopsy Market

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and the increasing global incidence of cancer is becoming a critical health challenge. According to WHO, approximately 16.3 million cancer related deaths are likely to occur by 2040. In order to address the growing cancer burden, numerous cancer research organizations are actively adopting innovative strategies and

Liquid Biopsy: Will It Be The Future Gold Standard?

Invasive cancer diagnostic methods, such as tissue biopsies, have been the gold standard to determine the clinicopathological characteristics of cancer tissues for many years. The procedure is not only cost-intensive but is also a traumatic experience for the patients. The ‘Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnostics Market (2nd Edition), 2017-2030’ report provides an extensive study on liquid biopsy kits /