Myeloid Cell Targeting Therapies: Budding Therapy Against Cancer

The global cancer burden is increasing rapidly with over 19 million new cancer cases and 10 million deaths reported in the year 2020. Given the rising prevalence, researchers have made significant efforts in discovering new approaches for the treatment of oncological diseases using cell and gene therapy solutions. With several programs having entered the clinical stages, myeloid cell targeting therapies have emerged as a novel strategy in the suite of cancer immunotherapy approaches.

All the blood and immune cells are formed from the hematopoietic stem cell, with multiple stepwise intermediates. The hematopoietic hierarchy is divided into two primary branches: the myeloid cells and lymphoid cells.

Myeloid cells are a group of immune cells belonging to innate immune system, which are continuously supplied to all tissues via circulation. These cells represent all the major leukocytes in the blood stream.

Multifaceted roles of myeloid cell targeting therapies in progression and suppression of tumor are actively being exploited by various cell therapy manufacturing companies. Tumor recruits and modulates endogenous myeloid cells to tumor-associated macrophages to sustain an immunosuppressive environment.

Myeloid Cell Targeting Therapeutics is very promising


Presently, several medical researchers and industry stakeholders are engaged in the development of myeloid cell targeting therapy that harness the immune system in order to treat a number of solid tumors, leukemias and some rare conditions, including myelodysplastic syndrome and ANCA-associated vasculitis. The substantial data from the ongoing studies and completed trials suggest that targeting of myeloid cells results in the delayed progression of solid tumors, thereby increasing the survival rate of the patients
In addition, these therapeutics can be used in combination with various anticancer therapies to enhance efficacy and survival rate among patients.

Synergisti Effect of Myeloid Cell Targeting Therapies

Market Landscape

Currently, over 40 companies worldwide have taken initiatives to develop drug therapies targeting myeloid cells. The market is characterized by a mix of well-established and small firms.

40 companies of myeloid cell targeting therapeutics

The pipeline features 115 myeloid cell targeting therapies that are currently being evaluated across different phases of development, most of these are designed for intravenous administration.


Owing to the recent developments in the field of myeloid cell targeting therapies, they can be considered as the potential alternatives to traditional anticancer therapies. Following this, the myeloid cell targeting therapeutics market is anticipated to witness a healthy growth in the foreseen future.

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