Squamous Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Market: Current Scenario

Close to 1.8 million fatalities reported in 2020 were observed to be associated with lung cancer, which is believed to be one of the most aggressive forms of carcinoma, globally. One of the primary reasons for the high mortality rate associated with this condition is anticipated to be improper liquid biopsy, which eventually results in delayed treatment, further leading to severe compromises with chances of survival of a patient. Specifically, in 2020, the global prevalence of lung cancer was estimated to be 2.6 million; of this, majority of the cases were reported to be of breast cancer and lung cancer. Accounting about 30% of overall lung carcinomas, squamous non small cell lung cancer has been emerged as the leading targeting indication for the industry as well as non-industry players. Since chemotherapy and radiation therapy have not demonstrated significant efficacy in the treatment of squamous NSCLC, this class of targeted therapies has emerged as a promising alternative. Such therapies have been demonstrated to impede the growth of cancer cells by altering chemical reactions associated with oncogenic driver mutations. Moreover, in the past few years, various start-ups and big pharma players have entered into strategic collaborations to advance their squamous NSCLC targeting therapies. Given the ongoing efforts to increase the development / approval of therapies within this domain, the squamous non-small cell lung cancer market is likely to grow at a steady pace in the coming decade.

Market Landscape of the Squamous Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapies

Around 55% of pipeline drugs are small molecules that are being developed by industry and non-industry players to treat squamous NSCLC.

Market Landscape of the Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers Targeting Therapies Roots Analysis

Recent activity in Squamous NSCLC Market

With the increasing demand of lung cancer therapies, pharmaceutical contract manufacturing players have been actively collaborating for expediting the drug development process, especially for the development and commercialization of these targeting therapies.

Recent activity in Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Market - Roots Analysis

Apparent Squamous NSCLC Market Growth

Driven by the increase in the number of clinical stage products, the squamous NSCLC market is projected to grow at a steady pace in the foreseen future. It is worth mentioning that North America presently has the maximum share in the growth of squamous non-small cell lung cancer market.

High growth of Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Market - Roots Analysis

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