Non-Antibody Protein Scaffolds: A Niche but Highly Promising Opportunity Area

Amongst other novel formats, non-antibody protein scaffolds have emerged as viable alternatives to conventional therapies, having the capability to address the existing challenges associated with classical antibody based therapies. The ‘Non-Antibody Protein Scaffolds Market‘ report provides a comprehensive study of the current market landscape , and related drugs and diagnostics, featuring an elaborate discussion on the likely future potential of this upcoming market.Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

The Landscape of Non-Antibody Protein Scaffolds is Steadily Evolving

With improved half-lives and better stability, several non-antibody protein scaffolds have emerged as potential alternatives to antibody therapeutics. An analysis of the partnerships that have been inked between stakeholders in the industry in the recent past, covering R&D collaborations, product / technology licensing agreements, product development / commercialization agreements, mergers / acquisitions, clinical trial collaborations, manufacturing agreements and service agreements.

As per Roots Analysis, currently over 25 non-antibody proteins scaffold are manufactured by players across various regions.

Though the Field has Gained Traction Globally, Europe has Witnessed The Maximum Activity
Along with small and mid-sized players, the field has seen efforts being made by several big pharma stakeholders; research activity is heavily concentrated in parts of Europe.

Research Efforts Have Already Led to Development of Many Novel Scaffolds …
These novel scaffolds, driven by persistent research efforts, have shown remarkable potential in drug development.

… That Vary Across Different Evaluable Parameters
Affibody® is currently the most popular non-antibody protein scaffold that has been used to design product candidates intended for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

Strong Early Stage Pipeline Holds Significant Promise …
EGFR, HER2, VEGF-A and TNF-α have been identified to be the most popular targets in this space; these are being investigated across various novel scaffold formats.

… To Treat Multiple Disease Indications
With over 80 unique products catering to a wide array of disease indications, have gained significant traction within the pharma industry.

Growing Number of Partnerships Validates the Heavy Interest in This Area
Over the years, several collaborations have also been established in this niche domain; majority of these are focused on R&D activities, followed by licensing deals

Since last six year around 60 partnerships have been inked by various industry and non-industry players. Close to 50% of the deals were focused on research and development- Roots Analysis

The Market is Expected to Gain Momentum in the Long Term
Post the approval and launch of multiple late-phase product candidates, the market is expected to grow at a rapid pace.

The Opportunity Will be Well Distributed Across Key Therapeutic Areas
The overall opportunity is likely to be well distributed across key products, based on different non-antibody protein scaffolds and target therapeutic areas

The Non-Antibody Protein Scaffolds market is fragmented across various segmentations. Additionally, Therapeutics Agents are likely to capture the highest share by 2030

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