Plant Based Protein: A Novel Advancement in Protein Expression

In the past few years, plants have been gaining a rapid traction, involving genetic modification and expression of new genes in plant host cells. Owing to significant advantages over conventional expression systems, such as low production costs, product safety, and ease of scaling up, plant based protein expression systems are being widely recognized as a potential platform for the development and manufacturing of wide range of biopharmaceuticals. Currently, a large number of plant based protein are being evaluated in clinical phases of development, including vaccine candidates against COVID 19 and multiple rare therapeutic disorders.

Advantages Offered by Plant based Prfoetin Expression System Platforms

Owing to their unique advantages, such as high scalability and eukaryotic protein engineering, plant based protein expression systems have emerged as an optimal drug development platform for drug manufacturers.

Various advantages offered by Plant-based expression system platforms

Key Developments in Plant based Protein Domain

Considering the expanding clinical pipeline and recent drug approvals, developers are pursuing innovative and effective therapeutic interventions. Plant based protein expression, based on the concept that plant cells can operate as a reactor for freshly initiated biosynthesis, has enabled the development of life-saving therapies, such as Z-Mapp and ELELYSO™.

Ongoing developments in Plant-based biologics domian

Current Market Trends

During our research we came across 35+ plant based expression systems providers that are currently engaged in providing their proprietary technology platforms to drug developers for the development of novel biologics. In addition, close to 25% of the developers are providing their technologies to companies developing plant-based vaccines. Furthermore, most of the technology providers are primarily based in North America.

Distribution by Type of Biologic

Majority of players are utilizing proteins for plant-based expression system

Distribution by Region

US is expected to capture the largest the number of players engaged in this domain

Recent Advancements associated with Plant based Biologics and Expression Systems

Plants have emerged to be one of the key components of the current list of bio-factories and are expected to witness rapid developments in the field of plant based protein.

Various advantages offered by plant-based biologics and expression systems

The versatility of plant based technology, as explained above, along with the speed and ease with which it may be scaled up, creates a platform that is well positioned to respond to a wide range of therapeutic disorders. Furthermore, in the recent past, a number of plant-based expression system providers have been established; this is anticipated to further progress the plant based protein expression market.

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