Oligonucleotides: A Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Never before, scientists say, the universal community of researchers have put a halt to all other ongoing research and have urgently focused towards swiftly evolving health emergency. In the past few months, scientists have been repurposing their research efforts towards oligonucleotides contributing to the global effort in response to developing coronavirus preventive vaccines.

For the purpose of mitigating COVID-19, scientists are racing up the experimental studies to find a suitable and promising drug class that might be effective in tackling the highly contagious virus. Specifically, researchers are developing rapid, laboratory diagnostic kits that involve the use of mission-critical oligonucleotide drugs.

Apart from the diagnostic applications, a major proportion of the demand for oligonucleotides comes from different research projects. Over the past few years, multiple initiatives have been undertaken to develop oligonucleotide-based interventions in order to treat a myriad of chronic clinical conditions. Experts believe that oligonucleotides are likely to evolve into one of the key therapeutic classes of the future, given their high specificity and favorable biological tolerance profiles.

Recent Advances

Significant advances have been made in enhancing the drug-like properties of oligonucleotides, including tissue targeting capability, cellular internalization feature, endosomal escape capability, target binding specificity, and resistance to nucleases.

In this context, bioconjugation chemistry has played an important role in oligonucleotides – based therapy development, offering the means to combine the target specificity of these molecules with the therapeutic benefits of other potent drug substances. In fact, many are led to believe that oligonucleotides drug conjugates market is poised to witness significant growth in future.

Further, several new companies have come up with innovative technologies to develop oligonucleotides – based therapeutics. In recent times, such innovator companies have started investing heavily in R&D and have resulted in the establishment of a rich pipeline of oligonucleotides – based drug products. In order to meet the growing demand, a number of small- to mid-sized companies have begun outsourcing their manufacturing operations to contract / custom service providers.

In fact, several big pharma companies, despite having proprietary manufacturing capabilities, are known to outsource more than half of their clinical stage oligonucleotide manufacturing operations. In the foreseen future, we anticipate the demand and opportunities for contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) in this domain to rise.

Service Providers Offering Oligonucleotides Manufacturing

Currently, close to 80 service providers claim to offer oligonucleotides synthesis, modification and purification services for various research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications, across the globe.

Sample list of Oligonucleotide Manufacturers includes multiple evaluation parameters as per Roots Analysis
List of Oligonucleotide Manufacturers

To know about the companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of oligonucleotides, check out our report – Oligonucleotide Synthesis.

Capacity with the Companies (in kgs) – Enough to Meet the Demand?

The current, annual capacity is primarily driven by players operating at the commercial scale, which represent 96% of the total manufacturing capacity. In addition, around 82% of the capacity belongs to large-scale manufacturers of oligonucleotides. Further, around 92% of this capacity is estimated to be installed in developed regions, such as North America and Europe.

Oligonucleotides - manufacturing capacity various distribution analysis and key insights for major players in the segment
Oligonucleotides – manufacturing capacity

Likely Growth of the Oligonucleotide Manufacturing Market

North America (primarily the US) is the current market leader in the oligonucleotide synthesis market; this developed market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 8.7%, till 2030. Due to relatively low labor costs and less stringent regulatory guidelines, the market in Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at a significantly faster rate in the coming decade.

Oligonucleotide synthesis market
Oligonucleotide synthesis market

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