RNA Sequencing Services: Growth Opportunities

Genome sequencing has historically been classified into DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing. DNA sequencing generates data that is very robust, reproducible, insightful, and can be applied to genes having different expression level by selecting genomic region. In spite of several developments made to increase the efficiency of DNA sequencing even further, there are certain challenges associated with process, which include more time consumption, high cost and less efficiency in terms of quantity and specificity. There are several RNA sequencing services coming in this market.

In order to overcome these challenges, several stakeholders are focused on employing cutting edge technologies providing RNA sequencing services to examine the quantity and sequences of RNA samples. RNA sequencing technology is an essential tool in determining the pathogenic potential of unknown variants at relatively lower costs than DNA sequencing, detecting allele-specific expression, studying single nucleotide polymorphism, and disease mechanism.

Due to lack of in-house RNA sequencing facilities, many stakeholders are dependent on service provider, leads to rise demand of RNA sequencing services. In order to meet the growing demand of RNA sequencing, several service providers are expanding their existing facilities. For instance, The Novogene has added eight PacBio sequel Iie sequencers at Tiajin sequencing center to enhance its third-generation sequencing capabilities.

RNA Sequencing Service Providers – Current Market Landscape

During our research, we came across more than 70 players, which claim to offer RNA sequencing services. As per our analysis, majority of these players are located in North America, followed by Europe. Further majority of the service providers are engaged in this domain are offering small RNA sequencing, followed by mRNA sequencing services.

RNA Sequencing Service Providers- Current Market Landscape 2023 - Roots Analysis

Sequencing platforms employed by service providers

Illumina instruments are responsible for more than 90% of the world’s RNA sequencing data. This platform has made significant strides in ease of sequencing, flexibility, and faster turnaround time for high volumes of samples. Majority of RNA sequencing service providers (73%) are employing sequencing platforms developed by Illumina.

Sequencing platforms employed by service providers - Roots Analysis

Future Evolution of RNA Sequencing Services Market

Considering the below mentioned parameters, we have estimated market opportunities associated with the RNA sequencing services market

Sequencing platforms employed by service providers - Roots Analysis

Owing to the rise in adoption of RNA sequencing, we anticipate the overall market to grow at an annualized rate of more than 7.9% between 2022 and 2035.

RNA Sequencing Services Market 2023 - Roots Analysis


Over time, the demand for RNA sequencing has increased; however, due to various challenges associated with in-house RNA sequencing facility, stakeholders prefer to leverage expertise from service providers. Driven by continuous increase in number of genetic research across the globe, the opportunities for players engaged in the RNA sequencing service market are anticipated to grow significantly over the coming years.

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