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RNA Sequencing Services: Growth Opportunities

Genome sequencing has historically been classified into DNA sequencing and RNA sequencing. DNA sequencing generates data that is very robust, reproducible, insightful, and can be applied to genes having different expression level by selecting genomic region. In spite of several developments made to increase the efficiency of DNA sequencing even further, there are certain challenges

Next Generation Sequencing: Revolutionizing the Field of Genetics

Next generation sequencing has emerged as an evolutionary technology in modern biotechnology and healthcare research, enabling researchers to better understand the cause and consequences of disease and develop next generation drug conjugates. Over the past few years, several companies have started offering a diverse range of genome sequencing products and services using various second and

NGS Library Preparation Kits: Current Scenario and the Future

Since the introduction of a gene sequencing method by Frederick Sanger in 1977, the field of genomic data collection and analysis has evolved significantly. Advancement in DNA sequencing technologies have resulted in noteworthy developments in various healthcare-related research fields, such as next generation drug conjugates and personalized medicine. However, the conventional nucleotide library preparation process