T-Cell Immunotherapy: The Next Big Thing in Immunotherapeutics

T-Cell Immunotherapy

The concept of immunotherapies dates back to the 18th century; however, since its inception, the field has evolved tremendously and is currently cited as one of the most rapidly growing segments of the pharmaceutical industry. Post the early success of immune checkpoint inhibitors, T-cell immunotherapy has emerged as another innovative and potent arm of this market.  The ‘T-Cell Immunotherapy Market, 2017-2030 (2nd edition)’ report features an extensive study of the current market landscape and the future potential of T-cell immunotherapies. Mentioned below are a few key takeaways from the report.

Rising Popularity on Social Media:

Popularity on social media portals, such as Twitter, demonstrate the growing importance of T-cell immunotherapies

Ongoing trends of T-cell Immunotherapy. Popular on various social media handles such as twitter reflecting the rising interest among stakeholders

A Robust, Steadily Growing Pipeline:

Around 280 T-cell therapies are across various development stages. 38% of these are in preclinical / discovery / early stages of development, indicating a relatively higher long-term promise

Currently, around 30 CAR-T therapies are used for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Academia is Bolstering Innovation:

The early innovation in the field must be credited to the efforts of several research institutes across different regions

Market landscape of various non-industry players based in US, Europe and Rest of the World engaged in CAR-T, TCR and TIL therapies

Partnerships are Commonplace:

A number of strategic alliances have been forged in order to advance the development of different product candidates

Majority, of the partnerships were inked by various industry and non-industry players were focused on UCART

Extensive Venture Capital Support:

Backed by enormous VC funding, the pace of research is unlikely to subside

Various stakeholders are currently investing in T-cell immunotherapy. It is worth highlighting that over 20% of the funding were raised through Venture Series A round.

A USD 25 billion+ future:

With several promising candidates and encouraging clinical outcomes, the industry is gradually moving towards a lucrative multi-billion dollar future.

Start-ups to Watch Out for (Indicative List):

Altor BioScience, Autolus, Adicet Bio, Catapult Therapy TCR, Chimeric Therapeutics, Formula Pharmaceuticals, Gadeta, Immatics US, JW Biotechnology, Lion TCR, Leucid Bio, Mustang Therapeutics, Poseida Therapeutics, TILT Biotherapeutics, TNK Therapeutics, Tmunity Therapeutics and Vor Biopharma

Potential Blockbuster Therapies (Indicative List):

 KTE-C19, CTL019, NY-ESO-1 TCR, ALT 801 and JCAR017

Specific Pockets of High Growth (Indicative List):

Variety of novel immunotherapies other than CAR-T, TCR and TIL (example of companies: Atara Biotherapeutics, Cell Medica and Tessa Therapeutics),  spin-outs from academia (around 50% of all the therapies currently in the pipeline have involvement of academic institutions) and manufacturing services for T-cell therapies (examples of CMOs: apceth Biopharma, Atlantic Bio GMP, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult)

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