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Digital Therapeutics: Key Concepts to Tackle COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital therapeutics are clinically validated applications / software / online programs that have demonstrated the capability to facilitate positive outcomes when used in the prevention / treatment / management of diseases / clinical conditions. These therapeutics are designed to engage patients in personalized treatment or disease prevention programs, through mediating behavioral or psychological modifications, providing

Neoantigen Targeted Therapies: Personalized Anti-cancer Therapy

Neoantigen Targeted Therapies Pave the Way to Personalized Anti-cancer Therapy There is an urgent unmet need for developing innovative and effective cancer therapeutics for the treatment of patients with late-stage and refractory cancer. Amidst the widespread initiatives to develop more targeted anti-cancer therapies, immunotherapy emerged as a highly specific and potent option to eradicate tumor

CDX: The Road Ahead for Personalized Therapies

It is estimated that nearly 50% of prescribed drugs / therapies fail to show adequate clinical benefits. It is also worth highlighting that companion diagnostics (CDX) guided drug development efforts have been estimated to help reduce clinical trial costs by almost 60%. Since the approval of the HercepTest (in 1998) for identifying patients for treatment