TCR Therapies: An Emerging Therapeutic Modality

Modified T-cell receptors or TCR therapies is an emerging class of adoptive therapy that employs genetically modified lymphocytes to target specific tumor markers. Structurally, TCR is a heterodimer comprising of two different polypeptide chains, namely the α-chain and β-chain. TCR therapies’ tumor-cell killing efficacy may be primarily attributed to the fact that they are pre-sensitized to cancer specific antigens; this enables such interventions to selectively target and eliminate tumor cells from the body of a host with negligible treatment-related side effects.

RootsAnalysis Therapeutic Therapies Advantages of TCR Therapies

Ongoing and planned clinical research initiatives in this direction are driven by encouraging results achieved in past trials, which were mostly focused on various hematological cancers and solid tumors. Driven by the ongoing pace of innovation in this field, sufficient financial support from investors and encouraging clinical trial results, this market is likely to witness significant growth in the foreseen future.

Current Market Landscape of TCR-based Therapies

The landscape features, close to 60 industry players, across the globe claim to be engaged in the development and clinical evaluation of antigen sensitized TCR-based cell therapies. The contemporary TCR-based therapies market is characterized by a healthy and growing pipeline of more than 190 candidate therapies. Kimmtrak® is the first TCR-based therapeutic to reach in market. Further, some of the therapies which are able to reach advanced stages, includes GSK3377794 (GlaxoSmithKline), NY-ESO-1 TCR (Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center) and ADP-A2M4 (Adaptimmune Therapeutics), are in the of development.  

RootsAnalysis Therapeutic Therapies Pipeline Candidates

Driven by the availability of innovative technology platforms, lucrative funding and encouraging clinical trial results, the market for these therapies is poised to grow in the long-run, as multiple product candidates are expected to receive marketing approval in the coming decade.

Rising Interest in TCR-based Therapies

The growing interest in this field is reflected in the notable increase in partnerships inked (close to 140 deals inked in the past decade; CAGR 23%) by several industry players and academic / research institutes. Additionally, various investors, having realized the opportunity within this upcoming segment of T-cell immunotherapy, have invested USD 11 billion across 140 instances, since 2007. Further, in the last 10 years, close to 110 clinical trials have been registered across different geographies for the evaluation of TCR-based therapies.

RootsAnalysis Therapeutic Therapies Current Industry Landscape

Mostly driven by the need for effective treatment options for cancer, the TCR-based therapy pipeline is expected to steadily grow over the coming years.

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