Technological Evolution of ADC Conjugation Platforms

Last week, I wrote an article on the key innovators in ADC therapeutics space, Technological highlighting the key winners at the 6th World ADC Awards. One of the winners, that has really impressed several drug developers in this space, is Zymeworks.

The company has its proprietary conjugation Technological platform, ZymeLink™, which offers site-specificity and customization of linkers. According to the company, ZymeLink™, a next-generation ADC platform, is a suite of proprietary cytotoxins (cell-killing compounds), stable linkers, and conjugation technologies. ZymeLink™ is compatible with traditional antibodies, proteins, and the Azymetric™ bispecific antibody platform, creating multifunctional therapeutics designed to overcome the limitations of existing ADCs.

Now, the ADC technology landscape has evolved significantly in the last few years. There is a prominent rise in technologies that carry out site-specific conjugation.

visual representation for different conjugation categories as per the advancements by Roots Analysis

If we look at the clinical pipeline of ADC Therapeutics, the majority of the drugs are currently being developed using the technologies provided by Seattle Genetics and Immunogen. In the preclinical pipeline, we can see several new technology providers that have emerged. Especially, players, such as Heidelberg Pharma have emerged to be the most prominent player with an early pipeline comprising of 11 drug candidates. It is followed by LegoChem Biosciences and Concortis Biotherapeutics with 9 and 8 drugs, respectively. LegoChem Biosciences was a runner up at the 6th World ADC Awards.

These are exciting times in the evolution of the Technological landscape of ADCs. The companies will have to continue to innovate to develop new solutions and develop an edge in the market, which is expected to be close to $15 billion by 2030. Check out the complete list of therapeutics and conjugation technology providers in this new report by Roots Analysis.

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