ADC Therapeutics – Alternative to Traditional Anticancer Therapies

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an upcoming class of targeted therapeutic agents that have captured the attention of both large and small pharmaceutical companies, and academic / research institutions from all across the world. Fundamentally, these complex biotherapeutic entities demonstrate the combination of target specificity of an antibody and therapeutic features of a chemotherapy / cytotoxic drug. Such conjugates are believed to be more efficient and effective in specifically identifying and eliminating cells/pathogens that are associated with the disease(s). ADC therapeutics are presently an established concept with eleven approved products. Despite the challenges associated with the development and manufacturing of such interventions, they have still considered a revolutionary technology over their components, such as the naked antibodies and drugs (cytotoxins).

Increased Partnership Activity in ADC Therapeutics Domain

Partnership activity has increased steadily over the years, involving the participation of both indigenous and international stakeholders.

ADC Therapeutics – Alternative to Traditional Anticancer Therapies

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Combination therapy has gained significant popularity over the stand-alone therapies

Several ADC developers have recently evaluated their pipeline candidates in combination with other therapeutic modalities for the treatment of various oncological disorders.

ADC Therapeutics – Combination therapy are popular over the stand-alone therapies

Several Clinical Trials Focused on the Evaluation of ADC Therapeutics have been Registered Over the Past Few Years

Multiple clinical studies, evaluating various types of ADC Therapeutics, and involving nearly 24,000 patients across different centers / hospitals, have been initiated worldwide.

ADC Therapeutics – Multiple clinical trials are focusing on ADC Therapeutics in recent past


Given their clinically proven benefits, ADC Therapeutics are being widely explored for a wide array of indications, which are not only limited to cancer. In fact, multiple clinical trials are currently evaluating the potential of ADCs for the treatment of autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis. With 11 approved ADCs are many others in late stages of clinical development, this field is poised to witness significant growth in the foreseen future.

For further information on this emerging domain, check out the report

For further information on this domain, check out the report –

Antibody Drug Conjugates Market (6th Edition)

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