Novel Antibody Therapies Market: Current Scenario and Future Potential

Novel antibody therapies are chimeric proteins having antibodies attached lethal effector molecules. Currently, six of these therapies are commercially available, while around 140 molecules are under development majorly for oncological disorders. Multiple novel antibody formats have been engineered to enhance therapeutic efficacy. This has opened a new target space for the development of antibody therapeutics and techniques, facilitating tools to uniquely distinct malignantly transformed cells from regular cells

Novel Antibody Therapies Market – Current Market Landscape

Currently, over 55 industry / non-industry players worldwide are actively engaged in the development of these therapies with enhanced efficacy. North America has emerged as the hub, featuring the presence of approximately 56% developers. The market is currently characterized by well-established firms.

Development Pipeline for Novel Antibody Therapies

The pipeline features more than 140 novel antibody therapies that are either marketed / are currently being evaluated across different phases of development. A relatively larger proportion of immunocytokines and immunotoxins are in advanced stages of development for the treatment of different oncological disorders, including leukemia, lymphoma, prostate cancer, renal cancer, skin cancer, soft tissue sarcoma and solid tumor.

Market Landscape of Novel Antibody Therapies

Broad Clinical Trial Landscape

Till date, more than 550 clinical studies evaluating various novel antibody therapies and involving nearly 55,000 patients enrolled across different centers / hospitals, have been initiated worldwide.

Clinical Trial Analysis for Novel Antibody Therapies - Roots Analysis

Published Scientific Literature: Indicative of the Ongoing pace of Research in this Field

Over the years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of publications related to these therapies. Majority of the journals that have published multiple articles include Cancers, Frontiers in Immunology, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, and Scientific Reports. Around 50% of the articles focused on novel antibody therapies were published post-2020.

Publication Analysis charts for Novel Antibody Therapies - Roots Analysis

High Number of Patents are Suggestive of the Widespread Research in this Domain

Several industry and non-industry players are involved in the development of novel antibody therapies. The field has seen a significant rise in the number of patents over the past few years, with Novartis leading the way in terms of the total number of patents filed / granted.

Patent Analysis charts for Novel Antibody Therapies - Roots Analysis

Future Evolution of Novel Antibody Therapies Market

Owing to the anticipated approval of novel therapies and given the fact that several new players have entered the domain in the last decade, who are actively collaborating with other industry / non-industry players to expand the global reach of this domain the market opportunity associated with this domain phase III therapies is anticipated to witness an annualized growth of over 36% in the coming decade.

Future Evolution of Novel Antibody Therapies Market - Roots Analysis

Presently, majority of revenues is generated from intravenous route of administration. The trend is unlikely to change in the foreseen future.

Various Distributions in Novel Antibody Therapies Market

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