Vaccine Manufacturing: Current Landscape and Future Potential

The global vaccine manufacturing market is anticipated to generate revenues worth USD 100 billion by 2025. According to the WHO, the global vaccination rate is nearly 85%, demonstrating the high clinical demand for vaccines. In addition to meeting the growing demand for vaccines, the developers of these pharmacological interventions are also plagued by high costs of development and complex production protocols. It is worth highlighting that the contemporary contract services market for vaccine manufacturing is highly fragmented. Having said that, numerous stakeholders are actively striving to expand their respective service portfolios through substantial acquisition activity.

I have highlighted below some of the most interesting insights from our study. You can also access additional details here.

Over 70 companies based in different regions across the globe claim to provide contract development, fill / finish and regulatory services in addition to manufacturing various types of vaccine

Currently, over 20% of the vaccine contract manufacturers offers services for analytical testing followed by 19% for fill / finish

The market landscape includes both established players and new entrants, operating at various scales and capable of vaccine manufacturing based on a variety of expression systems.

In order acquire competencies across the value chain and cater to the evolving needs of clients / sponsors, CMOs have actively invested in expanding their existing infrastructure and capabilities

Various players are continuously expanding across various regions. It is worth highlighting over 40% of the expansions were focused on new facility

In fact, according to our proprietary competitiveness analysis, over time, several vaccine CMOs have acquired multidisciplinary expertise and capabilities to offer services across the supply chain.

The demand for contract manufacturing for vaccines is expected to increase in the coming years; we believe stakeholders may have to expand their respective capacities to ensure consistent supply.

With an annualized growth rate of nearly 10% of the vaccine contract manufacturing market, we expect the developers to continue to outsource their manufacturing operations with initiatives across developed and emerging regions.

In the long-term, the projected opportunity is anticipated to be well distributed across various types of expression systems used for vaccine production, types of services offered across the value chain and scale of operation

The market of vaccine contract manufacturing is fragmented across different segments. Additionally, Clinical scale of operation is expected to capture the highest share by 2030

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