3D Cell Cultures: A Multi-Billion Dollar Growth Opportunity

The use of advanced 3D cell culture techniques in in vitro studies is seen to have the capability to overcome several challenges associated with 2D systems. The ‘3D Cell Cultures: Products, Technologies and Key Application Areas (2nd Edition), 2017-2030’ report features an extensive study on the various scaffold-based and scaffold-free 3D cultures system. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

The Market Landscape is Steadily Widening
The market landscape, featuring the presence of well-established, small and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies offfering 3D cell cultures services, is well dispersed across the globe.

Social Media Trends Also Confirm The Growing Interest
The growing interest in this field is evident in social media chatter as well; the number of tweets on 3D cultures have reported a CAGR of 57% between 2008 and 2016.

Over 200 3D Cell Cultures Products Are Already Available
The wide array of products are being gradually adopted by researchers worldwide

As per Roots Analysis, currently around 200 3D cell cultures including hydrogels / ECMs, 3D culture ware and 3D bioreactors are available in market.

Products Are Being Synthesized Using a Variety of Biomaterials
Available in scaffold-based and scaffold-free formats, 3D cell cultures systems can be synthesized using different types of biomaterials

Around 60% of 3D cell culture products are currently using scaffold based formats majorly using hydrogel / scaffolds- Roots Analysis

A Range of Applications Offer Significant Promise in the Long Run
These approaches, with their inherent superiority over 2D culture systems, are already being preferred for a myriad of research applications.

Adoption Levels Are Expected to Continue to Rise Over the Next Decade
The overall opportunity within the 3D cell culture market is likely to be well distributed across multiple applications and geographical regions; therapeutics will provide incremental growth in the very long term

The 3D cell culture market is fragmented across different segments, Additionally, by 2035 the highest applicability of 3D cell culture will be for cancer research- Roots Analysis

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