Drug Bioavailability Enhancement: Growth Opportunities

Low drug bioavailability is one of the primary concerns associated with marketed medications; in fact, various studies indicate that around 40% of available drugs are poorly bioavailable / soluble. As the drug developers shift their focus towards development of lipophilic drug compounds, the issue with aqueous solubility / drug bioavailability is likely to be increase further.  It is estimated that around 90% of NCEs belong to BCS class II and IV, which are known to be associated with low solubility / permeability. To cater to this increasing demand, several biologics contract manufacturers and technology providers have emerged in this domain.

Published Literature and the Steadily Growing IP Portfolio Validate the Underlying Importance

Drug Bioavailability enhancement technolgies are characterized by extensive R&D activity that has led to the development of a number of high value technologies and a strong intellectual property portfolio.

Several Companies have Begun to Outsource Such Services to Enhance Drug Bioavailability

Outsourcing has emerged as a popular model for improving drug bioavailability; over 150 companies offer a variety of technologies/services based on different approaches

As per Roots Analysis, majority (55%) of the service providers are using size reduction approaches followed by 50% for solid dispersion

The Current Market is a Mix of Both Well-Established and New Entrants

Entrance of new players has led to a highly fragmented market landscape; however, there are many players that have established a strong foothold over the past several years.

Large Sized Companies are Setting Benchmarks by Expanding their Service Portfolios

In fact, stakeholders have steadily added a wide range of capabilities to their service portfolios and are raising existing benchmarks

Majority of service providers are using solid dispersion for bioavailability enhancement. Additionally, service providers are using oral route of administration

Collaborative Approach Seems to be the Way Forward

The field has witnessed significant partnering activity; in order to maintain a competitive edge, many players are rapidly expanding offerings through collaborations / acquisitions.

Marketed Drugs are Likely to Drive Short-Term Growth for These Technologies

Despite various advancements, the low solubility / permeability concerns related to certain marketed drugs and a large number of NCEs is likely to lead to an increased demand.

The Segment is Anticipated to Provide Well-Distributed Opportunity for the Stakeholders

This opportunity within the drug bioavailability enhancement market is anticipated to be well distributed in terms of drug (BCS) classes, approaches used for bioavailability enhancement and across different geographies

The market for bioavailability enhancement technology and services is fragmented across various segments including BCS, technology and geography. North America being the largest share holder by 20230.

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