Bioprocess Automation: A Step Towards Digital Transformation

In the era of digitalization where the world is looking forward towards automating their manufacturing process, the bioprocess industry took a while to adopt the automation technology. The biopharmaceutical industry came across several obstacles while adopting the automated technology. Examples of which include, complexity of the processes and delicacy of the living cells and organisms involved in these bioprocess. These obstacles are likely to be the root cause due to which bioprocess automation industry is still in its infancy stage.  In addition to these challenges, few other bioprocess equipment developers are facing few other challenges which making biomanufacturers skeptical towards automating their bioprocess control system. These challenges are highlighted below:

Challenges associated with the industry

Despite the aforementioned challenges, the automated bioprocesses present several advantages over traditional systems that not only include the potential to save the production cost, also the increase the production efficiency and product quality. Examples of other advantages of automated bioprocesses include:

Advantages For Bioprocess Automation

Opportunities For Bioprocess Automation

The ongoing pandemic has presented a lucrative opportunity for the bioprocessing market to fulfil the demands for biologics. During the initial phase of pandemic, the bioprocessing industry was fighting hard to meet the urgent demand for biologics. However, understanding the dependency of the lives of millions of people on the bioprocessing industry for the timely delivery of the products, led the biomanufacturers to shift towards adoption of automated systems.

Diverse Landscape of Bioprocess Controllers and Automation Systems

Presently, nearly 120 bioprocess controller systems, including upstream controllers, downstream controller systems and bioprocess control software, developed for automated control and monitoring of bioprocess, are either already available in the market or under development across the world.

List of Bioprocess Controllers and Automation Systems

Players Engaged in the Domain

The increasing demand for biologics has led to the surge in the adoption rate of the bioprocess controllers and automation systems. As a result of which, over 25 bioprocess equipment developers stepped up to offer more controlled and automated systems.  Amongst the total players that are involved in the development of bioprocess controllers and automation systems, majority (~35%) of the developers are small players. This is followed by mid-sized firms, which represent close to 35% of the total number of industry stakeholders.

There is surge in adoption rate of bioprocess controllers and automation systems - Roots Analysis

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Several stakeholders are putting efforts for the further advancement of bioprocess controllers and automation systems by addition of advanced features. Over time, close to 3,400 patents related to bioprocess controllers and automation systems have been filed / granted in the domain. It is worth mentioning that the ongoing R&D activity in this domain has resulted in a significant increase in the intellectual capital.

Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Bioprocess Controllers Market is Anticipated to Grow at Over 10% CAGR

Driven by the increasing demand of biologics and cost saving potential of the systems, the bioprocess automation market is projected to grow at a steady pace in the foreseen future. It is worth mentioning that North America presently has the maximum share in the growth of bioprocess controllers and automation systems market.

Bioprocess Controllers and Automation Systems Market is Anticipated to Grow at Over 10% CAGR

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