Cancer Stem Cell Therapies: Mapping the Future Growth Potential

The objective of the ongoing R&D in this domain is to develop novel CSC directed treatments that can combat complications, such as off-target toxicities and disease relapse, associated with the current standard of care treatments. The ‘Cancer Stem Cell Therapies Market, 2017-2030’ report examines the current landscape and the future outlook of the growing pipeline of products targeting CSCs. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

CSCs have Garnered a Lot of Interest Across Different Platforms
Increasing chatter on social media, and the fact that over 9,000 scientific articles have been published in the last few years, indicate the growing interest in this domain

Cancer Stem Cell Therapy is very popular across social media

A Robust Pipeline Offers Significant Future Potential
With two commercialized drugs and close to 150 clinical / preclinical molecules, the field has evolved significantly over time and has several promising candidate therapies

Healthy future pipeline of cancer stem cell therapy offers a glimpse of strong future growth

A Healthy Mix of Small Molecules and Biologics, …
The growing pipeline features both small molecule and biologic product candidates, which are being developed to target a number of cancer stem cell regulatory pathways

Small molecules, biologics both contribute the growth of cancel stem cell therapy market

… Being Designed for Novel Targets, Reinforces the Underlying Promise
Specifically, over 70 clinical stage molecules are being investigated to tap opportunities across different types of cancer

Bulls eye analysis for cancer stem cell therapies representation

The US and the EU are Key Innovation Hubs
Both big and small pharma players are actively involved; US and EU are currently leading the research efforts

The chart shows competitive analysis for cancer stem sell key players

The Market is Expected to Witness Rapid Growth in the Mid-Long Term
Post the approval and launch of multiple late-phase product candidates, the market is expected to grow at a rapid pace

The Opportunity is Likely to be Well Distributed Across Indications and Targets
Emergence of effective therapeutic strategies will result in better opportunities in the long term as more drugs get approved for a diverse range of indications.

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