Cell Therapy Manufacturing: A Niche but Rapidly Growing Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Post the approval of first cell-based therapy, Carticel®, in 1997 in the US, the field has rapidly advanced and a number of such therapies are currently under development. The ‘Cell Therapy Manufacturing Market, 2017-2027’ report provides an extensive study of the rapidly growing market of cell therapy manufacturing and focuses both on contract manufacturers and cell therapy developers with in-house manufacturing facilities. Some of the most interesting insights from our study are presented below.

A Healthy Mix of Industry and Academic Organizations …
We came across over 110 organizations that are actively involved in the manufacturing of GMP certified cells for therapeutic purposes.

… Dominated by the Presence of Several Contract Manufacturers
The landscape is well distributed among various stakeholders; led by contract manufacturers, some developers have established in-house capabilities

Currently, around 60% of the cell therapy manufacturers are industry players followed by over 40% non-industry players.

Clinical Scale Manufacturing, the Current Focus, is Driving the R&D Efforts
Majority of the players are actively involved in the clinical scale manufacturing of immunotherapies and adult stem cell therapies

As per Roots Analysis, Majority of cell therapy manufacturers are currently in clinical stage.

US and EU: The Key Manufacturing Hubs
The US and EU, with maximum number of manufacturing facilities, have emerged as the primary manufacturing hubs.

The Growing Interest is Also Evident from Several Partnerships Inked in the Recent Past
Several small and mid-sized cell therapy developers have collaborated with various contract manufacturers to outsource their early stage cell therapy candidates

Various industry and non-industry players have inked partnerships on cell therapy manufacturing focusing on manufacturing agreement followed by process development agreement

With Cell Therapies Promising Significant Potential, CMOs Stand to Benefit Immensely
Our overall outlook is highly promising; the demand for manufacturing will significantly increase as these therapies advance through progressive stages of clinical validation.

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