Cell Therapy Manufacturing: A Rising Opportunity for Stakeholders

The Compal Group’s Raypal Biomedical and Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital on October 22 signed an MoU to jointly set up a GTP (good tissue practice) cell therapy manufacturing laboratory in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan.

What are the key capabilities of Raypal in cell therapy manufacturing:

Founded in 2016, Raypal specializes in R&D of immunocyte and immunotherapy, stem cell and gene therapy manufacturing, and preventive medicine and expects to obtain approval for its CPU (cell product unit) from the authorities. In addition, Raypal has set up a GTP cellular lab whose capacity has been fully occupied and therefore the company will be setting up another facility. Compal Electronics will either make stake investment in Raypal or set up a subsidiary for Raypal to transfer technology.

What is the role of Kaohsiung Medical University in this partnership:

 The university has been engaged in research in cell therapy for more than 10 years and, through the cooperation, hopes to combine Compal’s R&D strength with its research centers, including Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Research Center and Center for Cancer Research, to provide various cell therapy services.

What is the key objective of the collaboration:

The cooperation will focus on research in new-generation cell therapy manufacturing technology and integrating related research results in the US and Japan to develop tumor cell vaccines and CAR T cell therapy. The cell therapy manufacturing laboratory will also introduce advanced manufacturing processes to produce cells for clinical use.

With so many expansions happening in cell therapies, how optimistic are we about the future of these therapies:

Cell therapies have attracted interest from several companies in recent years. Roots Analysis interviewed various key stakeholders in this space and they shared the optimistic estimates about the cell therapy manufacturing market. Here is a quick summary of the discussions. 

Infographic: Cell therapy Market KOL Interview done by Roots Analysis

You can also download the SAMPLE REPORT on cell therapies by Roots Analysis.

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