DNA Cloning Market: A Step Towards Future of Genetics Science

Over the past decade, the field of synthetic biology has witnessed several advancements. DNA cloning is the field of synthetic biology which can be helpful to understand the effect of mutation on a particular gene. Many diseases that can be treated using DNA cloning, such as leukemia and sickle cell anemia, involving the replacement of defected gene. The pandemic has specifically resulted in enhanced research and development activities in the field of biotechnology. Recent technological advancements have led to development of novel DNA cloning kits and reagents, which are cost-effective, faster and more efficient than conventional methods.

DNA Cloning Kit Providers – Current Market Landscape

Currently, more than 20 players worldwide are actively engaged in the development of DNA cloning kits . The market is highly fragmented, featuring the presence of both new entrants and established players, based in different geographical regions.


DNA Cloning Kits Market

During our research, we came across more than 190 DNA cloning kits, that are commercially available in the market. These kits are available in different reaction size, concentration, types of fragments and storage temperature.


DNA Cloning Reagent Providers – Current Market Landscape

The growing interest in DNA cloning market is reflected in the increase in the number of players providing DNA cloning reagents. North America has emerged as the hub, featuring the presence of approximately 60% developers. The market is currently dominated by the presence of very large players (30% of the total number of stakeholders).


DNA Cloning Reagents Market

More than 200 DNA cloning reagents are available in the market in different unit sizes and concentrations. It is worth mentioning that eight firms offers both DNA cloning kits and reagents.

Published Scientific Literature: Indicative of the Ongoing pace of Research in this Field

Over the years, there has been a gradual increase in the number of publications related to DNA cloning. Majority of the journals that have published multiple articles include Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, Frontiers in Microbiology and PLoS ONE. More than 52% of the articles focused on DNA cloning were published post-2020.


High Number of Patents are Suggestive of the Widespread Research in this Domain

Several industry and non-industry players are involved in the development of DNA cloning kits and reagents. The field has seen a significant rise in the number of patents over the past few years, with Pioneer Hi-Bred International leading the way in terms of the total number of patents filed / granted.


Several organizations have extended support to aid research efforts in this domain. Over 1,200 academic grants have also been awarded to several organizations to financially support the ongoing efforts for research and innovation in this domain.


Future Evolution of DNA Cloning Market

Driven by the increasing demand for synthetic biology and gene therapies and the introduction of novel and advanced DNA cloning techniques, the DNA cloning market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of more than 12% between 2022 and 2035. Currently, North America holds the largest share in the overall DNA cloning market.


Driven by the increasing shift towards DNA cloning, the advent of innovative cloning technology has opened the doors to more sophisticated applications, such as epigenetic modification, identification and mapping, and high-throughput assembly of combinatorial libraries. Further, owing to the various advantages offered by the DNA cloning kits, reagents and tools including cost effectiveness, the demand for such kits, reagents and tools is likely to increase in the coming years. 

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DNA Cloning Market

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