Caps and Closures for Parenteral Containers Market

The use of elastomeric materials, along with various types of coatings (such as FluoroTec® and Teflon®) have emerged as a promising alternative to conventional, non-coated caps and closures used for primary packaging containers, which were prone to leaching and shedding of particulate contaminants. The advantages of using Medical polymers in manufacturing container caps and closures are many, including low leaching potential, minimal chemical interaction with the pharmacological formulation, and the fact that they can be used to make waterproof and airtight closures.

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Driven by the growing complexity of modern pharmacological interventions, industry stakeholders have developed container-caps and closures systems using more versatile materials; in this context, elastomers have demonstrated significant potential

The elastomeric caps and container closures market is fragmented, featuring the presence of a large number of established players; a relatively larger proportion of small-sized players are based in developing geographies

Currently, there are over 150 caps and closures, fabricated using a variety of elastomeric materials, available for use in parenteral primary packaging containers; majority of these products are available in the ready-to-use format

Distribution by type of closure, elastomeric material and sterilization status provides rich understanding of the market

Over time, companies have established preferences regarding fabrication materials for container-closure systems for different drug classes in order to ensure that their products are free from chemical impurities

Example highlights contain distribution by container type, closure, fabrication material and FDA approvals each year for type of molecule

A number of conferences related to pharmaceutical packaging have been organized in the recent past; in addition, stakeholders have also entered into strategic agreements to strengthen their product portfolios

Partnerships, collaborations and conferences in the elastomeric closure container market provides valuable insights

In order to cope up with emerging trends in the pharmaceutical packaging market, it is important for container closure manufacturers to improve existing practices to cater to the changing needs of drug developers

Caps and Closures - Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging

The global demand for elastomeric closures is presently driven by rising adoption of parenteral containers; in future, pre-sterilized and coated closures are anticipated to drive the demand at a relatively faster pace

The overall caps and closures market is poised to grow steadily; the opportunity is likely to be well-distributed across various types of containers, types of closures and regions

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